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What exactly are NVQs?

NVQ stands for National Vocational Qualification and involves practical learning as opposed to just written exams, developing work-related skills.

NVQ courses are based on competency standards related to those working in a given occupation.

You will have a simple assessment to ascertain your skill level and the appropriate NVQ “level” will be advised. NVQ courses usually range from NVQ levels 1 to NVQ level 5. This can cater for complete beginners to advanced “management level” candidates. As the courses are structured around a specific role, you won’t waste time learning things you don’t need. However, you will be expected to meet the requirements for each level. Students can work as quickly as they want to complete their NVQ course, so there are no strict deadlines. Plus, practical parts of NVQ courses usually take place within the student’s working environment.

Who is involved when taking NVQ courses?

Why should I choose NVQ courses?

NVQ courses are beneficial for preparing yourself for the actual environment you would typically work in for your chosen subject and are popular awards. Other exams such as A-levels, degrees etc are effective for theory but NVQ courses will give you a good grounding on what will be expected of you. nvq coursesIt’s fantastic for learning without having to give up work and employers agree that they demonstrate the true skills of an employee. You will be tested on your competency to complete work related tasks.

However, you may simply want to improve your skills set due to a change of career direction or a passion. Either way, you’ll find a variety of NVQ courses to suit your requirements.

NVQ courses mean you won’t have to worry about reading textbooks, cramming revision the night before an exam or feeling like isolated. Whether you are in a full, part time or voluntary work environment, fixing that pipe joint yourself or solving a business problem will be more rewarding than reading through a text book.

There are no requirements for NVQ courses and you won’t be required to sit any entry exams.


How will my NVQ course be assessed?

NVQ courses work by combining a portfolio of work i.e. building up evidence of the work you have done in a work environment and by an assessor observing your completion of tasks.


What are the benefits of NVQ courses?


There are huge benefits completing NVQ courses. Employers benefit from the relevant skills learnt during the hands on approach of the course duration whereas traditional A-levels or GCSE qualifications lack essential skills gained whilst working in your chosen vocation.

You will benefit from developing skills as well as knowledge of your chosen workplace and will become certified at the end of your NVQ course. Once you have completed your initial NVQ level, you will no doubt want to progress to the next level to further your career. Imagine having completed all NVQ levels and gained vast working knowledge in your field in just five years.


Where can I take an NVQ course?

If you are looking to take NVQ courses, please select your location below and you’ll find all schools, colleges or specialist adult learning centres in your local area. You can also contact the NVQ awarding bodies to find out more about courses and which colleges/learning centres include their courses.

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