NVQ Courses as an Electrician (2330)

Electricians (like plumbers) are essential for current living and will always be required for even the basic electrical problems such as installing a plug socket. An electrician’s job involves maintaining, testing and installing electrical systems – domestic or commercial. Strict health and safety guidelines have to be adhered to, so the responsibility of an electrician is crucial! Therefore, NVQ courses in the electrical industry is certainly recommended.

3% of the Gross Nationwide Production in Britain is accounted by the electric industry, so you may want to think about NVQ courses to become an electrician. As with plumbers, an electrician may want to start up his/her own business and will therefore require certification.


Typical salary: Approx £25k +

NVQ courses Level 1

Safety in an engineering environment
Developing communication skills
Using tools to make components
Wiring circuits
Experience with wiring support systems and electronic circuits


NVQ courses Level 2

Experience with multiple types of cables
Containment systems – conduit etc.
Knowledge of domestic and commercial environments
Testing and inspection
Electrical circuits and theory
Electrical systems maintenance
Developing health and safety awareness


NVQ courses Level 3

Developing further health and safety awareness
Correcting diagnosed faults
Installation of electrical wiring systems and enclosures
Connecting complex wiring systems
Installing and testing complex electrical systems
Communicating complex technical information to clients on all levels


NVQ Courses