NVQ Courses in Customer Service (4543)


Do you speak to customer service agents on the phone and think to yourself ‘I can do a much better job!’ or do you wonder if your calm, problem solving nature can be used in your working life? If so, then customer services may be one of the better NVQ courses to go for.


NVQ courses Level 2

(takes up to 6 months)

For front line operational customer service staff
The basics of customer service
How customers perceive the company through customer service
Organisational skills
Promoting services and products
Handling customer issues
Living up to promises


NVQ courses Level 3

(takes up to 6 months)

For supervisory and team leader roles
Rules and procedures
Going that extra mile
Improving relationships
Improving service or product delivery
Encouraging a reliable service


NVQ courses Level 4

(takes up to 12 months)

For managerial staff
Developing a healthy customer service working environment
Planning and organising operations
Constantly evaluating the levels of customer service
Developing further customer relationships
Supervising customer services teams
Developing strategies


NVQ courses Level 5

Senior management