Are you always concerned about people’s well being? Are you working in healthcare and would like to obtain some official qualifications?

One of the most popular NVQ courses is Health and Social Care, designed to enable you to deliver care of an excellent standard, understand the responsibilities required and ensuring those in care are in a safe environment. Typically, these are the requirements for each NVQ courses level:

NVQ courses Level 2 Health and Social Care

– for those assisting and giving essential care to people.
– typical jobs at this level are community support assistant and care assistants (day care or residential).

NVQ courses Level 3

– for those performing specific tasks and responsible for care workers.
– typical jobs at this level would include home care organisers and senior/health care workers.


NVQ courses Level 4

– for those in management.


One main requirement is that you are already in employment (paid or voluntary) and sometimes your employer can sponsor NVQ courses. Depending on your situation, your tutor will either support you at work or offer you a centre to go to.

NVQ courses such as this may be free if your situation qualifies or you may be entitled to Government subsidisation.


Length of time to complete the NVQ Health and Social Care course

This course may take 12 months, but more than likely sooner.


Documents to consider downloading from the City & Guilds official website:

NVQ Level 2 Standards and assessment requirements

NVQ Level 3 Adults pathway: Standards and assessment requirements

NVQ Level 4 Adults pathway: Standards and assessment requirements


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