NVQ Courses FAQs

Can I receive funding for all or part of my NVQ course?

It is certainly possible for the Government to pay for part or all of your course to improve your skills and improve your qualifications. Please use the Government Contributions checker, which will ask you to specify which subject and level you are planning to complete, along with your date of birth and UK resident information.


What do the different NVQ levels mean?

Please view our NVQ levels guide to ascertain which level you need to choose for your NVQ course and explain what is required for each level.


What subjects can I get an NVQ qualification in?

There are hundreds of different NVQ courses to complete. Please use this NVQ courses guide to find the relevant NVQ awarding body.


What is an NVQ assessor?

An NVQ assessor provided support during your NVQ course and guides students to achieve the goals required for their chosen qualification – assessing their achievements along the way.


What do I have to complete for my NVQ portfolio?

During your course, you will need to keep a detailed record of your achievements and skills, witness by an NVQ assessor or other members of staff in your workplace. Please view our NVQ course portfolio guide.


Who are the NVQ course providers?

There are a huge number of NVQ awarding bodies listed here. All cater for different courses so please visit their websites for more information on what they offer.

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