Duration: 6 months to 2 years

The NVQ courses in Supporting Teaching and Learning involves supporting the requirements and needs of students in schools. The course covers students in secondary and primary schools, as well as special needs schools.

To complete the NVQ course, you would need to demonstrate care, the students’ welfare and also being aware of child learning and behaviour.




If you are working as a teaching assistant, this NVQ course is ideal for you to progress. You can apply if you work as a teaching assistant in any type of school.


What the NVQ course will cover:

  • giving support during therapy sessions.
  • encouraging students to be independent and self reliant
  • various administration duties.
  • helping students to learn and understand
  • assisting with multilingual students



Requirements for NVQ Level 2 in Supporting Teaching

– fundamental skills in children’s safety and support their development
– aim to be more resonsible in the classroom.


Requirements for NVQ level 3 in Supporting Teaching
– you will need to have been a teaching assistant for a fair amount of time.
– aim to be a mentor to the students and potentially lead a team.


Information on QCF Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 2 and 3

Before choosing a teaching assistant qualification, read more about courses, colleges and online options. Many teaching assistant jobs will require a related qualification, but it’s not essential.