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NVQ course evidence – what can you submit?

As NVQ courses focus on obtaining relevant skills in the workplace, evidence is required to prove the candidate has been able to complete units. Evidence can be submitted in the following forms:

– witness statements – this can be provided by a fellow employee or line manager within the company or other related individuals within your area of work.

– the NVQ assessor working with you can also provide evidence that you have performed certain tasks.

– prior qualifications can sometimes count towards evidence (Accreditation of Prior Achievement)

Other types of evidence may be acceptable by your course provider. It’s important that the evidence is genuine and that tasks can be repeated if need be. The evidence needs to cover all aspects of the task required.

Evidence can be in the form of witness statements, video footage, audio recordings, projects and reports. Speak to your NVQ assessor about what is submittable and in what form.


Level 2 Children and Young People’s Workforce QCF

The Level 2 Children and Young Workforce qualification will help candidates improve their skills and knowledge when working with children and youngsters (0 – 19 years). Your competence will be evaluated by support services workforces.

The typical environment for this level will be for someone just starting out as a children’s care worker.


Duration: Up to 1 year


Typically, you would be over 16 and working/volunteering in a childcare environment full or part time.Level 2 Children and Young Workforce QCF


What do I need to complete the course?

You need to obtain 35 credits and will be assessed/observed by an assessor.



Listed below are some of the units you may cover:

– Maintaining and supporting relationships with children/young people
– Paediatric emergency first aid
– Development of children/young people
– Supporting positive behaviour
– Communication in social care and health
– Creating positive environments for children/young people
– Understanding the well being of children/young people
– Health and Safety
– Supporting positive outcomes

Completing these (and more) units will earn credits. A minimum of 35 credits is required.


What can I do after this course?

You can apply for a number of roles including an assistant in day nursery, a nursery nurse, a youth and community worker, care worker and a pre-school assistant. You can also work towards your Level 3 Children and Young Workforce.

More information

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