Give your career a kick

It’s 9am and you’re arriving for working wondering why you bother with this mundane job. Then you remember that there are bills to pay and you resign yourself to a day of tasks you’d rather not do! So why are you putting up with this lousy job instead of kick starting your career by completing a course? NVQ courses, amongst many, are designed to improve your chances of earning more money by training you whilst you work. Sounds too good to be true?

NVQ courses have been around for many years and were designed to act like apprenticeships, where you learn on the job to perfect a particular skill. Now, there are hundreds of NVQ courses to choose from, so it’s likely that there will be a course in your particular field.

All you need to do is speak to your employer (usually your manager) about whether the company would be prepared to support you in completing a course. With an NVQ, there will be assessments and interactions with other members of staff, so your company will need to be on board with your decision. An NVQ assessor will need to support you in order to gain your certificate at the end of the course, so you will need to contact the relevant NVQ awarding organisation to arrange this.

Companies can pay for NVQ courses if they feel the business, as a whole, will benefit. Otherwise you may have to financially support yourself along the course (and some can take a few years to complete).

It’s well worth investigating, as it could mean the difference between an assistant role and a management role.