Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) have put together an NVQ business guide for employers to consider when choosing the correct NVQ model.

Taken from the NVQ business guide:

“This guide has been developed as a tool to assist organisations when they are considering NVQ implementation.

Its purpose is to:

• Encourage employers to identify the difference that the introduction of occupational standards can make to their organisation.

• Help them to recognise that there are a variety of models for NVQ implementation depending on the organisation’s culture, structure, business size, priorities etc.

What is right for implementing NVQs in one organisation may not work for another. Organisations may also require different implementation routes for different occupational areas within their company.
Best practice NVQ implementation is based on the organisation fully understanding the potential of occupational standards and how these relate to their business objectives. This ensures the effect on the business can be accurately evaluated at the end of the process.”

Download full Ofqual PDF