NVQ Courses Online

NVQ courses online are becoming more and more popular. Course work can be updated and maintained online ready for sign off from assessors. NVQ Assessors can use view your employment tasks over webcams, too, making the whole course possible online!

There are a number of NVQ online course providers online including Learn Direct.

NVQ Courses structure – Who is Who?

Who Role
Employer Company representing NVQ course employee To plan and ensure NVQ course content is met to high standard
Works with NVQ assessor to ensure NVQ course employee receives support
Helps assess NVQ course employee
NVQ Centre Colleges, schools or universities offering NVQ courses Responsible for NVQ course content and quality.
Will arrange NVQ assessors
Assessor Those assessing NVQ course employee’s ability and tasks Assesses NVQ course employee’s performance and competence
Advising NVQ course employee and employer
Internal verifier Those checking NVQ assessor has followed correct guidelines. They can be managers/supervisors etc. Supports assessor and samples assessments to check for quality
External verifier Those from the qualification organiser assessing standards are being met Checking quality and making regular visits
Witnesses Employees skilled in area of the NVQ able to evaluate NVQ course employee Gives evidence of performance in workplace
Qualification Organiser The organiser of the NVQ course award Issues certificates if qualification has been gained