NVQ Courses in Plumbing

Plumbing or heating engineers are (and always will be) in high demand. Building sector jobs have decreased due to the economy, but domestic demand will only increase – especially during the winter months when local plumbers work flat out on boiler repairs and installations. And what about kitchen/bathroom installations, radiator installations, leaking pipes, blocked drains and so forth?

Plumbers are pretty sure to be working every day of their working lives, particularly if they start up their own plumbing company. Therefore NVQ courses in plumbing are an excellent way to get yourself into this industry.

Good communication skills are recommended, as plumbers need to listen to clients and explain the job on all levels.

Salary: Plumbers can expect to earn over £20k when starting out, whilst some self-employed plumbers can earn in excess of £60k.


So what’s involved in an NVQ courses in plumbing?

NVQ courses Level 1

(Usually around 3 months part time)

Requires learning the very basics of plumbing to be in a good position to be in an apprentice.

Working within a safe environment
Installing/testing pipe systems
Rainwater pipes
Sanitary ware
Connecting or installing household appliances.
Installing outside taps
Solve blockage problems in sinks or rains.
Repairing pipes

NVQ courses Level 2

(usually a few years)

More advanced in plumbing techniques such as simple home appliance work.

Commissioning/Decommissioning Systems
Installing Systems
Building relationships with clients
Maintenance of Systems
System Efficiency
Sheet Weathering

NVQ courses Level 3

At this level, you would be required to take on commercial and advanced home plumbing, also developing skills in gas appliances. You would be required to complete this level in order to set up a business.

Technical cold/hot water systems
Systems planning
Technical sanitation systems
Heating systems
Practical tasks
Employment rights
Responsibilities of a plumber
Maintenance of systems
Continuation of relationship building with clients

NVQ courses