NVQ course in Childcare and Education

An NVQ in Childcare and Education is suited to those who are employed in the field of childcare. There are two popular levels – level 2 and level 3. Childcare covers children from birth to the time they are 16. It’s important to learn how to develop and support their emotional and physical needs at all ages. It’s also important to provide safe environments for them to learn and play, but also be aware of legal requirements around childcare.


NVQ Level 2 Childcare

Those who are working in supervisory roles such as childminders or playgroup assistants are best suited in gaining this qualification.

Typical areas you will work on are working with babies and young children, ensuring safety within the child’s environment. You will also work in a pre-school environment.

Recommended book:

S/NVQ Level 2 Children’s Care, Learning and Development: Candidate Handbook (S/NVQ Children’s Care Learning and Development)

We recommend this book for an NVQ level 2 in Childcare. It’s comprehensive and easy to read, making it one of the best study guides for particular course.

This book will help with coursework and ensuring you understand what is required of you at this level.

Mandatory units:

– promoting positive relationships

– children’s rights

– supporting positive play

– developing healthy and safe environments for children

– encouraging learning and development

– children’s needs


Optional units:

– Organising environments for children plus their families

– Assessing children’s progress

– Supporting children under three

– Supporting children with learning difficulties

– Promoting well being of the child

– Working in a team



NVQ Level 3 Childcare

More senior childcare works are suited to this qualification, with lots of childminding experience. The tasks involved with an NVQ level 3 in childcare include special needs of children, family support and day care.

Recommended book:

S/NVQ Level 3 Children’s Care, Learning and Development: Candidate Handbook (S/NVQ Children’s Care Learning and Development)

We recommend this excellent study guide for an NVQ level 3 in Childcare. This book/CD ROM is the most up to date and enables you to understand the course very easily. We found this book easy to read and has helped many NVQ level 3 childcare students get through coursework.

Every chapter will provide you with questions and case studies. There are also multiple optional units since the revised edition.

Mandatory units include:

– developing positive relationships

– promoting children’s development

– protecting children’s rights

– maintaining healthy and safe environments for children

– legal requirements looking after children


Optional units include:

– planning positive environments for children and babies

– assessing progress for early education

– promoting positive behaviour

– maintaining childcare businesses

– childcare within the home

– promoting physical development of children

– promoting well being of children

– assessing children’s progress in accordance with early education frameworks

– team leadership

– physical care of children under three.