The Active IQ Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Personal Training is on the Qualifications and Credit Framework. This qualification underpins the role of a Personal Trainer and enables learners to prove competence in the workplace. This NVQ qualification gives learners the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to work with individual and groups of clients in a personal training setting.

Qualification structure and credit value

Learners must achieve 9 mandatory units (48 credits) and may complete the additional units if appropriate.

Mandatory Units

Learners must complete all 9 mandatory units (credit value required; Minimum 48, Maximum 48)

  • Unit 1 – Reflect on and develop own practice in providing exercise and physical activity (F/601/7362) – this unit is worth 4 credits
  • Unit 2 – Principles of exercise, fitness and health (A/600/9017) – this unit is worth 4 credits
  • Unit 3 – Promote health, safety and welfare in active leisure and recreation (D/601/4484) – this unit is worth 4 credits
  • Unit 4 – Anatomy and physiology for exercise and health (A/600/9051) – this unit is worth 6 credits
  • Unit 5 – Motivate clients to maintain long terms adherence to exercise and physical activity (K/601/7758) – this unit is worth 4 credits
  • Unit 6 – Evaluate exercise and physical activity programmes (M/601/7759) – this unit is worth 3 credits
  •  Unit 7 – Design, manage and adapt a personal training programme with clients (H/601/7760) – this unit is worth 6  credits
  •  Unit 8 – Deliver exercise and physical activity as part of a personal training programme (K/601/7761) – this unit is worth 10 credits
  • Unit 9 – Apply the principles of nutrition to support client goals as part of an exercise and physical activity programme (M/601/7762) – this unit is worth 7 credits

Additional Unit

Learners may complete this additional unit although it does not form part of the mandatory requirements for this qualification.

Credit Value required: Maximum 5.

  • Plan, market and sell services (T/601/7763) – this unit is worth 5 credits


Internally assessed:

  • Portfolio of Evidence
  • Practical Demonstration / Assignment
  • Coursework

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